Accounting for Creative Minds

A Creative Industries Textbook for Accounting and Budgeting in Australia


This text is designed to allow the reader to approach the topic of accounting in a straightforward manner, and accommodates a range of learning styles (Logical, Verbal & Visual). The reader need not have any prior knowledge of accounting concepts, though any previous professional or educational experience with the subject will prove advantageous. The target audience for this resource is people working or aspiring to work in the creative industries in Australia seeking to improve their knowledge of the accounting discipline, or students of business (where the course of study may have creative components) or anyone without immediate access to or the resources required to engage in formal education in the accounting discipline. This text is a prescribed reading in the Bachelor of Applied Business in Music Industry at Box Hill Institute


• Chart of Accounts
• General Journal Template
• General Ledger Template
• T-Account Template
• Trial Balance Template
• Balance Sheet Template
• P&L Statement Template


• Chapter 9 Sample
• The full textbook includes chapters on accounting rudiments, methods, double-entry bookkeeping, general journal, general ledger, inventory, depreciation, amortisation, financial ratios, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, cost management, CVP analysis and capital budgeting